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  微信图片_20190505180345.pngOur business network radiates all over the world. Our business scope extends from customs declaration, inspection declaration, land transportation, sea transportation, air transportation, multimodal transportation, analysis, packaging, warehousing, insurance and other international logistics supporting services to advanced logistics equipment, modern management system, perfect service network, mature operation mode, convenient, safe, punctual and cost-effective. You provide "one-stop" and "one-stop" international third-party logistics services. Whether your goods are from Guangzhou to Laos or from Shenzhen to Vientiane, you can rest assured that the goods will be handed over to our company. We will take care of and arrange them wholeheartedly and meticulously. With a piece of paper in your hand, the goods will go steadily around the world. Our company has decided to tailor-made convenient, reasonable, punctual and affordable international products for you. Logistics integration program, so that you "do not go out, strategy, access to thousands of miles".  

Our company is a Lao Logistics Company, which provides import and export agency services for small and medium-sized enterprises without export qualification. It has the right of import and export to provide positive tax refund services. It is equipped with a complete set of trade services - Lao International Land Transport Logistics Transport, Customs Clearance, Customs Tariff, Delivery Business, Solving Individual Businessmen/Enterprises/Foreign Trade Import and Export Trade Services.  

Scope of Freight Transport Business: Lao Logistics Line

Laos land transport route:

National-Guangxi-Vietnam-Laos/Vientiane-Whole Territory

Vientiane Highway Express from Guangzhou to Laos, China, with tax-covered door-to-door service

Aging: 5-7 days after loading

Service description:

Guangxi Pingxiang Line: This transportation is highway express transportation. On the first day, container is loaded in the warehouse of Baiyun District, Guangzhou. On the second day, the container is cleared through Pingxiang Friendship Customs in Guangxi. It transits Vietnam. On the third day, it clears the border between Laos and Vietnam. On the fourth day, it arrives at Vientiane Warehouse in Laos.  

It can take part-load goods or whole vehicle goods. Container sealed, no unloading and no damage. If the goods need to go to other provinces, we can transfer them to other areas on behalf of our company. The whole container of goods can be sent directly to other areas. This mode of transportation is fast, safe and reliable, and the price is favorable. Can undertake all kinds of Engineering materials, steel, large-scale equipment and so on.  

Undertaking: all kinds of hardware, toys, furniture, motorcycle accessories, mobile phone accessories, machinery, crafts, shoes accessories, plastic products, lamps, kitchen supplies, Hotel supplies, bathroom supplies!  

Laos International Land Transport Logistics Transport

1. Overall land transport

2. Agent Customs Declaration and General Trade Customs Declaration

3. Customs clearance, customs duties and distribution

2. Laos Land Transport Line: All over the country - Guangzhou (Shenzhen) Warehouse - Guangxi Pingxiang Customs Clearance - Vietnam Border Port - Laos (Vientiane) Time Limitation: 08-10 days double customs clearance package tax, undertake zero-load, vehicle service.

Our strengths:

1. Professional customs clearance import and export, low price (including customs clearance, tax, freight);

2. Safety and reliability (China and Laos have operation centers that are absolutely safe);

4. Payment method: prepayment on arrival is acceptable

3. Simple procedures (just a list of goods, consignee information)

(1 kg departure, 200 kg or more free delivery to Bangkok)

The one-time quotation of ASEAN Vietnam International Freight Line includes all the customs clearance fees. It only needs to be delivered to our warehouse, providing detailed cargo list and destination consignee information.  

Transportation scope

Clothing: shoes, bags, men's and women's clothing, shoe materials, accessories, cloth, cotton, chemical fibre cloth, leather man-made leather, jewelry

2 Hardware Accessories: Wire, Toys, Ceramics, Commodities, Kitchenware

3 Electronic accessories: general electronic accessories (small household appliances, office appliances, small appliances) LED, wires, headphones, radiators

Mobile phone accessories: case, protective sticker, flashlight, faucet and other general accessories

5 Electronic products: battery, MP3, MP4, PSP, CPU, IC, memory bar, Bluetooth, headset earplug, charger, mobile power supply, power adapter, mouse P-DVD, DVD panel, set-top box

Powder liquid: selenium drum cartridge, ink, cosmetics

7 Private Goods, Food, Tea, Brand LOGO (Bags, Clothes, Shoes, Audio, Amplifier, Home Appliances, Health Products)

8 Tablet computers, finished mobile phones, GPS navigator, vehicle-mounted DVD, portable DVD, LCD display, computer integrated machine, LCD TV, LCD display screen, digital photo frame, computer, optical driver, speaker, stage speaker, remote control, digital products, watches, furniture, crafts, ceramics, books, etc.


1. Notice of Delivery: Monday to Friday (8:30AM-18:00PM) order closure; Saturday (8;30AM-12; PM)

2. This quotation is a warehouse-to-door service, except for value-added services at destination; there is no other cost.

3. Be sure to provide a list of the goods on time when shipping.

4. Uninsured goods are damaged. Loss compensation shall be limited to three times the freight cost allocated in the loss-to-damage ratio; \\\\\

I. Packaging Requirements

_The packing of goods must be firm, intact and light. It can prevent the breakage, leakage and loss of contents in the course of transportation.

_The shape of the package should be suitable for the nature, state and weight of the goods, and be convenient for handling, loading and unloading and yarding.

2. Special packing requirements for some goods:

* Piano, ceramics, handicraft and other valuables should be packed in wooden cases.

* Common daily articles such as books and various appliances can be packed in strong cartons, and it is best to do moisture-proof treatment.

* Fragile items are best filled with stuff to avoid damage.

3. Errors in prescription:

Calculating time limit: goods to our warehouse, the next day start timing.

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