China Guangdong-Myanmar Freight Line, Yangon Express Packet Tax Line
Release time: 2019-05-13 23:11
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Guangzhou-Myanmar Special Line Transport Project Department is the transportation department of ASEAN Logistics, which focuses on Myanmar's economic and trade logistics. Myanmar Transport Department integrates logistics consultation, planning and operation to provide customers with diversified logistics cooperation programs. The company has global logistics chain agency business in Myanmar, land, air, sea, bulk cargo assembly, customs declaration and inspection, import and export qualification, international business services, etc. And provide international freight consulting, large-scale freight project contracting, vehicle transportation, third-party logistics solutions and other services. At the same time, Sanding Sino-Vietnam International Logistics is a professional Sino-Vietnam International Logistics Public Platform Resource Consulting Company, which specializes in providing customers with financial services such as Shenzhen-Vietnam Special Line, Vietnam Customs Clearance, Sino-Vietnam Border Trade Consulting, Planning and Operation, Guaranteed Transportation, Freight to Payment, etc., so as to make both At the same time, through the company's professionals to provide one-to-one logistics analysis and planning for customers, Myanmar Land Transport Shuangqing and Yunnan as the base (Guangzhou Myanmar Zhai Special Line), Asian Union Logistics China-Vietnam Logistics Main Development Agent Vietnam Import and Export, Shenzhen Guangzhou Myanmar Freight Business, the company opened Guangdong Shenzhen Myanmar Special Line to China-Vietnam to ensure the rapid and effective operation of the supply chain, so Myanmar freight, Sino-Myanmar logistics is on the way. Our company has more than 10 branches and agencies all over the country, including Mangjie, Haiphong, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Danang, Guiren, Myanmar and Yangon in Vietnam. Whether your goods are from Guangzhou to Myanmar, Shenzhen to Myanmar or Dongguan to Myanmar, or from Ho Chi Minh to all parts of China, you can rest assured that the goods will be delivered to us. We will be wholehearted and meticulous. With regard to the care and arrangement, our company has decided to tailor-make convenient, reasonable, punctual and affordable international logistics integration scheme for you, so that you can "stay at home and reach thousands of miles".

1. Cambodian Express, Partload Distribution Door-to-Door Service

2 Burma Land Transport Container

3: Burma Express Land-Air Transport - Two-day Express

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