Singapore Maritime Line, China-Singapore Logistics Export to Door
Release time: 2019-05-09 20:00
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Guangzhou-Singapore Special Maritime Line

Guangzhou to Singapore Shipping Door-to-Door Tax


Destination: Singapore

Origin: Guangzhou

Double Customs Clearance/Door-to-Door Delivery of Guangzhou-Singapore Maritime Transport

Mainly engaged in Southeast Asia cabinet, LCL, door-to-door transport services.

Wednesday Packing, Friday Closing and Saturdays Opening

Filling on Saturdays, closing on Sundays and opening on Tuesdays

Shipping from Guangzhou to Singapore. The whole process:

When you deliver the goods to our warehouse, we will arrange packing, customs clearance, shipment, shipping, customs clearance at Singapore destination, dismantling the cabinets and dispatching them to the door. It only takes 10 days.

Goods security guarantee, prepayment can be one-stop service: export, customs clearance, delivery are operated by our relevant staff, timely and rapid transmission of information, Singapore consignee only pay 7% of the import GST (Consumption Tax), no other fees, so that you feel the most intimate and convenient logistics services! Let you enjoy the most preferential export cost at any time!

Above is the detailed information of Singaporean shipping, which is provided by Guangzhou ASEAN International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. Business Department. If you have any questions about Singaporean shipping information, please contact us for more information about Singaporean shipping. Welcome your consultation.

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