China-Malaysia Freight Line, door-to-door
Release time: 2019-05-09 20:11
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Guangzhou shipping to Malaysian sea freight, East Malaysia, West Malaysia can be delivered throughout the country. Malaysia to the door

The Arab League Logistics Malaysia International Maritime Line Service Malaysia Shipping has a tax package sent to the door. It costs only a few hundred RMB per cubic meter for the Malaysian sea freight!

Guangzhou → Port Klang (PORT KELANG)

Guangzhou → Penang (PENANG)

6 advantages of shipping Malaysia:

1. Malaysia (East Malaysia, West Malaysia) special line double customs clearance, directly sent to your house one-stop service

2. The shipper only needs to provide the goods list and the sender and receiver information.

3, ship twice a week (closed on Tuesday and Friday), the door is fast (from 12-15 days from the cabinet to the door), cargo security, timely delivery

4, one-stop service: warehouse collection, loading, export, customs clearance, customs clearance, delivery are all arranged by us, timely and quickly transfer information, do not need you to find a car everywhere to run

Go to the dock for customs clearance and other cumbersome procedures

5, the all-inclusive price is low, only 800RMB-1100RMB per cubic meter, no need to pay any other fees (including China customs declaration fee, document fee, terminal fee, export order, sea freight and new plus

Slope clearance fee, terminal fee, delivery fee, etc.)

6. The consignee is required to pay customs duties and consumption tax, etc. All goods are exported to Malaysia and are tax-included.

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