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Release time: 2019-05-09 20:16
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Guangzhou-Thailand bulk cargo sea transport double customs clearance tax package to the door line

1) Guangzhou to Bangkok, Thailand, Chiang Mai, sea and land line double customs clearance, direct delivery to the door;

2) All the procedures for exporting Guangzhou, receiving, loading, exporting, customs clearance and customs clearance and delivery in Thailand;

3) The consignor only needs to provide the goods list and the sender information (commercial or personal items are available);

4) 1/3/5 cabinets per week, 5-7 days after land loading, 12-15 days after sea transportation to Bangkok warehouse;

5) The consignee only needs to pay the freight, no need to pay any other fees;

6) Delivery range: throughout Thailand; free delivery in the Bangkok area;

Warm reminder; please attach the loading number of Shantou and Yameng Cargo Co., Ltd. to the outer packaging of the goods;

1. Shipping services:

There are Thailand's most professional customs clearance team and delivery team, shipping 12 days, including other countries export declarations, shipping booking, customs clearance, tax payment, etc.

2. Ground transportation services:

With full road access and 4 days to Bangkok, Thailand, we have a punctual, safe and cost-effective service feature to provide customers with personalized service.

3. Air transportation services:

It is an efficient and fast service method that arrives on the same day and arrives in 3 days.

4. International express delivery service:

To provide customers in different countries with express delivery services all over the world, the company has signed long-term strategic cooperation agreements with international express delivery giants TNT, DHL, EMS, UPS, FEDEX, etc., and has price advantage and better service in the industry.

5, bulk goods receipt needs to know:

1) The customer consults the price, the relevant responsible person quotes, and gives the customer the customer code (唛头).

2) The customer should follow the instructions to post the necessary information (smoke, product name, quantity) in the outer box.

3) After receiving the goods, China KHB Branch arranges the shipment of goods in containers.

4) When the goods arrive in Bangkok, the Thai KHB staff will inform the customer as soon as possible, and after confirming the receiving place with the customer, they will be dispatched to the designated place of the customer.

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